Pierce Fulton – Where We Were

pierce fulton where we werePierce Fulton is coming in hot again! I had the chance to see him spin a few weeks ago at Marquee NY and my respect for the musical innovator only grew. His set took us for unexpected twists and turns while keeping a consistent, but not overbearing, energy the entire set. His humility and dedication to the music showed through his presence on stage as well. This newest release of his on Cr2 records, “Where We Were”, complements some very strong vocals from Polina. I’d say it’s one of his finest tracks yet. Just as his set was upbeat but not too much, this track reflects that — a perfect track to complement the good vibes of these summer months. Enjoy!

To purchase the track, check HERE.


Exclusive Interview: Myndset

Myndset Interview

We had the great ability to interview the man behind the mask, Myndset. Ever since hearing his first mixtape, I have been a passionate follower. And as each original release, bootleg, remix, and mixtape has been shared (all but his original productions for free) my support has grown. Every friend I’ve shown his music to has grown a similar affection, so we believe it’s inevitable that his popularity will continue to grow as he continues to put out such creative, innovative, and unique work. Overall, this guy is a must-follow on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. you wouldn’t want to miss out on one of the VERY finest acts today (yes I went there)! We shot over some questions (in relation to each of his mixtapes) to better understand the Mynd..

The Strangest Secret:
When did you realize that a life of conformity was not the life for you?

  • I hate working desk jobs. I’ve spent my fair share of time doing it and I feel that those hours I spend in an office just suck the life out of me. I think as humans we all just truly want to be happy but many of us don’t go about taking the steps needed to execute our dreams.

Break the Silence:
Do you see a divide or convergence of the sounds being put out today by producers in the electronic industry?

  • It’s a combination of both. The innovators are looking to divide but the followers will always mimic those who find success in a particular sound and then things will start to converge. And then that innovator will look to divide himself again and the cycle continues.
My Aim in Life:
Where do you find your motivation for creating original productions, remixes, and mixtapes?
  • For me the motivation is my fan base. I want to keep them engaged and interested. My Myndset project is my baby and it’s not so much about motivation as it is simply like necessity to keep a child fed. Making music is what I HAVE to do. Granted I get producers’ block from time to time but since I have the freedom to create what I want I can choose to make a mixtape if I can’t think of ideas for a song or vice versa I can make an original if I don’t like the selection of music out at the current time.

The Process of Desire:
Where do you want to be in one month? Where do you want to be in five years?

  • In one month I want to have the blueprint solidified for another single. In five years I want to be a global inspiration for kids who want to make music. Maybe start a music academy of some sort. I am always tutoring my friends on production.

Rendezvous With Destiny:
When did you know that producing/DJ’ing was going to turn into your career? Do you view it as a career? A lifestyle? Something more than that?

  • I don’t see it as a career yet. I still have a lot of dues to pay before I feel that way but it’s nice to start seeing some recognition for my work.
To The Stars:
What has been one of the most life-changing experiences in your life?
  • Being cut from that high school basketball team. Had I made it to the team I may not be making music today, but I definitely wouldn’t be in the NBA either so I guess it’s good things turned out the way they did.
Dreamers of the Day:
What were your dreams growing up as a kid? What are some of your dreams today?
  • I wanted to be a race car driver. I still enjoy driving fast. I got into an accident one time though and then I realized that maybe I should put the brakes on this idea. My dreams today are still to be a globally recognized musician.

A Miraculous Mynd:
What needs to change in the electronic music industry for it to grow and thrive? What needs to stay the same?

  • I stay out of the politics of the scene. It seems to be doing pretty good for itself considering it’s the only thing people seem to talk about online nowadays.
Sicker Than Your Average:
What ratio of your success is due to dedication versus talent? What advice do you have for aspiring producers and artists?
  • I had no musical talent whatsoever growing up. No piano lessons, no guitar lessons, no banjo lessons. I learned everything through practice and dedication. My advice for aspiring musicians is that if you get a chance to take music lessons as a kid…DO IT!…and then combine that with dedication and you’ll be like Zedd. Definitely take piano lessons if anything. That’ll help you the most.
Additional Questions:
What should we expect in the future? A lot more original tracks? 
  • With the mixtape out of the way and the completion of 4 recent remixes and 2 new bootlegs you can be sure that the next project I am starting on will be an original.

How did the idea of utilizing intro quotes come into play?

  • It is difficult to keep a listener engaged for 1 hour. I figured if I could find something to capture their attention in the first 15 seconds they would stay along for the journey. The formula worked and now it’s used in every mixtape I make.
In Dreamers of the Day you played Cedric Gervais“Molly” followed by the No Big Deal Remix of Eric Clapton’s classic “Cocaine” (one of my favorite transitions). Was there any reasoning for doing so? Any sort of reference to the popular drugs found in clubs today?
  • There was no plan to synchronize the 2 songs over their relation to drugs. They were just both harmonically in the same key and so they mixed well together.
Do you plan on playing at bigger venues in the future? Or do you prefer to stay on a closer level to your fans?
  • I’d love to work my way into playing festivals and bigger shows. At points in time though I will always enjoy playing small and intimate shows. Its nice to have a variety of shows to play.

Wow, thanks Myndset for all the advice and insight to what you’ve learned up to this point and for sharing your plans for the future. I hope that desire to be a globally recognized musician will be gratified shortly. With such motivation displayed through your work, I can say from first-hand experience that you have and will continue to inspire others.

You can listen below to the infamous Myndset mixtapes including his very newest Children of the Universe. And HERE you can find his additional originals, bootlegs, remixes, and edits. Enjoy!


J. Cole & Wale – Winter Schemes

j cole and wale sdAfter hinting at a collaboration, J. Cole and Wale go in on a Jake One beat. Be sure to peep the song and grab J. Cole‘s newest album Born Sinner if you haven’t already!


Mac Miller ft. Schoolboy Q – “Gees” (Official Music Video)

New music video off of Mac Miller‘s recent album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off. We get to see a different side of Mac from this album and its visuals. Although this song is no “Senior Skip Day”, Mac surely displays his lyrical talent. And if you haven’t already, be sure to grab your copy of the album!


Pierce Fulton: Get Weird 012

get weird 12 Pierce Fulton continues to grow on me. His originality in each of his edits, remixes, and originals always seem to catch my liking. It’s crazy to hear about how he balances his schoolwork with his touring schedule, but somehow he manages. Maybe the summer months are freeing up his schedule because it seems like he’s been getting a lot of work done in the studio recently. This hour long Get Weird mix includes some of his most recent originals in addition to some edits that I’ve never heard before. Play the whole mix while you crank away at work this week or enjoy the time off from school.


01. Tommy Trash – Blair Bitch Project (Hot Mouth Remix)
02. Botnek vs Bloody Beetroots – Chronicles Of A Marching Song (Botnek Bashup)
03. Autoerotique & Felix Cartal – The Alarm (Charlie Darker Remix)
04. Dada Life – Boing Clash Boom (Pierce Fulton Remix)
05. Norin & Rad – Bird Is The Word (Original Mix)
06. Dallask & Botnek vs Dada Life – Happy Alienz (Pierce Fulton Edit)
07. Rustie vs Eric Prydz – Slasherr Everyday (Pierce Fulton Edit)
08. Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle – You & Me (Flume Remix)
09. Atlas Genius – Symptoms (Pierce Fulton Extended Mix)
10. Audien – Iris (Original Mix)
11. Tritonal feat. Underdown – Deep Into Black (Tritonal Club Mix)
12. Juventa – The Strip (Original Mix)